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Physical Therapy

Base Physical Therapy provides one-on-one treatment for your entire 1-hour session. Each session may include various components to assist in your recover.

Comprehensive Evaluation:

A full assessment of injuries, muscle and other structural imbalances. Focused and full body assessments are precise with baseline measurements taken in order to reference improvements.

Manual Based Treatments:

"Hands-on" therapy that may include myofascial release, muscle energy, active release, mulligan, maitland, PNF techniques, and more. A personalized approach to healing is implemented to restore your body and allow you to return to your previous state of function, or improve upon it.

Pain + Symptom Management

Ultrasound, electrical stim - TENs machines and neuromuscular re-education. Supplemental modalities to assist with pain, swelling, tissue manipulation and relaxation are research-based and uniquely tailored to each client's needs.

Therapeutic Exercise

Progressive resistive exercise for improving strength and stability, stretching and mobilization techniques to maximize range of motion and customized treatment plans for every individual and every condition.


A full comprehensive visit with your provider in a video chat setting that will allow for demonstration, interaction and progression of care plan. 

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